Sebern Fisher's Developmental Trauma Course


Take a deep dive into the emerging neuroscience and relatively new evidence-based approaches to therapy. In sixteen transformative, illuminating lectures, Sebern Fisher will walk you through the neuroscience and therapeutic skills that have resulted in her amazing results with people living with the devastating histories of developmental trauma. You'll learn the critical importance of the therapeutic relationship, and how brain-training  and neurofeedback are supported and deeply informed by recent discoveries in neurocience.

This course is eligible for 16 CE credit hours. The sixteen lectures are supplemented with a bonus Q & A (17 sessions altogether).

Although neurotherapy practitioners -- and EEGer users especially -- will benefit from specific reference to the power of particular brain-training protocols, the course generally addresses brain regulation and arousal in survivors of these histories, and is appropriate for therapists not practicing neurofeedback, as well as for home users.


Abuse, assault and neglect in early childhood impact every major system in the human brain from the brainstem to the cortex, from the sense of balance to the sense of self.

These disruptions in brain development have far reaching implications for the treatment of those who have suffered these histories.

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This course from acclaimed speaker, author, and therapist Sebern Fisher offers deep insight into improving therapeutic outcomes in difficult circumstances. All sixteen recorded lectures and one bonus Q & A accessible online now!