Enhanced Beginner Skills

with Mary Ammerman


Designed for people who have already been through the 4-Day Introductory Course, this 8-session class distills the most important points of the introductory course in terms of application.

Whether new to neurofeedback, or you want a refresher, this 8-session weekly webinar series will strengthen your understanding of the neurofeedback process, from assessment and first client discussions, to setting protocols, learning to master the EEG, and effective coaching strategies. Each lecture -- about an hour in length -- will be followed by a live Q&A. Students seeking CE credit will need to sign in to watch the lecture and participate in the live Q&A. See website for details, dates, etc.

Each lecture lasts for about an hour, includes Q&A. 
• Learn 4 common EEG patterns associated with over and under arousal.
• Get tips on electrode placement, good impedance, and proper placement of 10-20 sites.
• Begin to understand what the EEG reveals, in terms of the client's internal experience, learn to assess client progress from it.
• Get clear on the process of training your client: the conversation about what is neurofeedback, setting realistic client goals, assessing symptoms, evaluating progress, and making changes to protocols.

This class will reinforce core concepts and position you for success in developing your neurofeedback practice.

Each live session earns 1 CE. You must log-in and attend each live session you wish to get credit for it.

Overall, you can obtain up to 8 CE Credit Hours.

Make sure you understand the times of the schedule of live sessions, and that it works for your local time zone, especially if you want CE credit, as that requires attendance.

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