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DBR Consultations - Deep Brain Reorienting

Join Dr Frank Corrigan for three two-hour group mentoring consultations (dates and times below). These sessions are intended for attendees of the March 2023 Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) course. If you have not taken this or an equivalent course, you may not find these sessions an adequate introduction to the approach.

As these are mentoring sessions, they are not eligible for Continuing Education credit.

2 Hour Group Mentoring Sessions
Fourth Friday
April 28, May 26, June 23, 2023

Boston, MA 11am - 1pm EDT
Minneapolis, MN 10am - 12pm    CDT
Kansas City, MO- 10am - 12pm CDT
Phoenix, AZ 8am - 10am MST
Los Angeles, CA 8am - 10am PDT
Glasgow, Scotland 4pm - 6pm    BST
Stockholm, SE 5pm - 7pm    CEST
Berlin, DE 5pm - 7pm CEST
Johannesburg, ZA 5pm - 7pm SAST


Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) is a scientifically-based transformational therapy relying on the human brain having an inherent ability to find healing from emotional trauma. The memory of the initiating event is approached by accessing the core of the traumatic experience in the original physiological sequence in the brainstem, giving an anchor in the part of the memory sequence that occurred before the shock or emotional overwhelm that is leading to the continuing symptoms. Deepening awareness into this orienting tension provides an anchor for grounding in the present so that the mind is neither swept away by the high intensity emotions, nor diverted into a compartment holding a self-state frozen in time in which contact with the present is lost.

Although the theory is simple, the practice of DBR can be difficult. It does not work for everyone. Therapists who will find it most useful are those who use transformational trauma therapy approaches that are body-based, or “bottom-up”.

This description was adapted from www.deepbrainreorienting.com (© Deep Brain Reorienting 2022)


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