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By participating in this course:
    • I understand that with neurofeedback, temporary side effects and adverse reactions are possible (see below). People living with a history of traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, depression, and/or developmental trauma can be more sensitive and reactive to training. Because of this additional complexity, working with these patients is not recommended for beginning neurofeedback clinicians.
    • I understand and accept full responsibility for the possible risks of neurofeedback.
    • I understand that EEGer is a prescription medical device, cleared by the FDA for general relaxation.
    • I acknowledge that I understand the risks and will follow recommendations, and be open to feedback and guidance. I will begin by training myself, and check in regularly with my mentor with my questions and progress.
        ◦   a. Even if I am a licensed healthcare provider, I will be supervised by a licensed and experienced EEGer neurofeedback clinician. The training kit is licensed for Home Use and therefore will require clinical supervision.
            b. If I intend to practice neurofeedback as a clinician, I will get appropriate training and I will develop a relationship with an EEGer mentor, who can guide me in the clinical process, such as protocol development and the therapeutic/relational component of brain-training.

As part of the learning experience, my participation is voluntary. Although it is intended that neurofeedback training be beneficial and positive, and usually is, since every person is different, temporary, unpleasant, physical, or emotional effects from the training are possible.

By using the resources in the PIN workshop pages, I accept this disclaimer, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless EEG Learn/EEGER and anyone working with these organizations from any and all claims, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses arising from my neurofeedback experience as a result of these workshops.

About side effects and adverse reactions:
Every brain is unique, and different people respond to neurofeedback differently. Like a physical work-out, training your brain takes energy, and you may feel tired afterwards. Other effects that people have shared: feeling anxious, wired, focused, manic, lethargic, sleepless, off-balance, blissful, clear, motivated, or feeling no effect at all.  These effects are generally temporary. Your mentor may have you do a different kind of training to shift into a more stable, regulated state. Having a good relationship with a mentor is key.


Participant Attestation

1. Affirmation of Integrity. By participating in this learning opportunity, I affirm that I am the person registered for the course, the person doing the work for the course, and the person getting the credit for the course. I acknowledge that not acting ethically may lead to consequences, such as being removed from current and future events, not receiving CE credit, etc.

2. Code of community conduct. I affirm that I will abide by the EEG Learn code of community conduct, which protects me and other participants from violations of privacy and confidentiality, prohibits harassment and bullying, and encourages the cultivation of a culture of respect and care. I acknowledge I have read and understand the code of community conduct.

3. Continuing Education credit. I understand that if I am seeking Continuing Education credit, I will need to meet the requirements to qualify, including signing in to live sessions, watching recordings, completing quizzes and evaluations. The requirements are listed in each course webpage.

4. Recording waiver. I understand that if I participate in any live portion of the course or webinar, my voice may be in the recording. By participating, I waive any right to approve the recording, and waive my right to any payment for participation.

5. Responsibility for technology. I understand that it is my responsibility to get help when necessary, and to participate with an adequate computer and internet access that allow my consistent participation.

6. Risk. Although participating in these courses and webinars poses no risk, I accept responsibility for any risks in implementing what is learned here. I agree to indemnify and hold faultless EEG Learn, EEG Education & Research, and its partners for any negative outcomes from such implementation.

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EEGer Introduction To Neurofeedback (January 2022)

In the EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback you will gain important skills in your journey to become a expert EEGer neurofeedback clinician.

Here's what's included

  • Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic: BCIA-approved recorded instructional lectures from Sadar Psychological

  • EEGer Training Kit: equipment for running live neurofeedback sessions.

  • EEGer Online Practicum: hands-on small group instruction and mentoring

This course is a complete introduction.

Comprehensive course information is here.

How It Works

Practicing neurofeedback requires equipment. In short, you need a computer (we recommend a laptop that meets certain specifications), an external monitor (optional, but recommended), EEG amplifier, electrodes, security dongle, and some supplies. The training kit will include everything you need excluding the computer and external monitor.

The training kit will allow you to learn the basics of running sessions, and allow training with your clinical mentor. Here is how getting equipment works:  

1. You provide your shipping address, and EEG Store will send you a training kit. Locally, you may also want to get some rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and paper towel or wipes.

2. Ensure you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements, or purchase one that does. The computer needs to have a Windows Operating System and a dedicated graphics card. If you plan to do this professionally, we recommend having a computer specifically for neurofeedback. The software's minimum requirements can be found on the EEG Store website, here. If you have questions about these, EEG Store can help you through this process. 
3. Once you have the training kit and computer, you are ready to install the software. You can follow the directions here, or join one of our group sessions for help.
4.  Now you are ready for the first EEGer Online Practicum session, and can run replay sessions to start getting comfortable with the software.Because EEGer is classified as a medical device, your system will be using a limited software license. This type of license requires the involvement of a mentor to set up protocols.

5. Once you have completed the course and successfully run a few sessions with your mentor, we will upgrade your software license to the full version. At this stage, you will have a month to continue learning before you will choose how to proceed with EEGer. This may be beginning a monthly subscription, choosing a payment plan that meets the needs of you and your practice, or returning parts of the training kit if you feel EEGer isn't right for you.


EEGer Online Practicum Session Dates (Live)

Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 04 and Feb 11

12pm - 3pm EDT/EST


This program, when attended in its entirety, is available for 36 credit hours continuing education credits.



EEG Education & Research is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. EEG Education & Research maintains responsibiilty for this program and its content.


To qualify for continuing education credits, you are required to do the following.

1. Watch each lecture video in its entirety.

2. Pass the corresponding quiz for each lecture with a score of 75% correct or better.

3. Complete the course evaluation form.


Once you satisfy these requirements, you will be emailed a link to download the CE certificate.


BCIA certification in neurofeedback

The IND didactic part of this course is accepted by BCIA for 36 hours credit toward certification in neurofeedback.


Many other professions accept APA CEs. Please check with your state licensing organization to confirm if they will accept APA Ces.


Conflict of Interest and Commercial Support

In these courses there is no conflict of interest nor commercial support for the programs -- Any possible conflict of interest or other ethical ambiguity will be transparently and immediately reported


Accessibility and Non-Discrimination

EEG Learn is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination. Understanding the limitations of diversity, equity, and inclusion as goals or end points, we see these as a part of our day-to-day work of learning and taking action. Get in touch for more info.



Although attending these courses and webinars itself poses no risk, participants accept responsibility for any risks involved in implementing content learned here. Participants agree to indemnify and hold faultless EEG Learn, EEG Education & Research, and its partners for any negative outcomes from such implementation.


Refund Policy

If you purchase a webinar or course, you may receive a refund by requesting it in writing within 24 hours of purchase. The refund amount is the price you paid minus 10% to cover card processing. If you are unable to attend a live presentation and miss the 24 hour cutoff for a refund, you will be provided access to the recording.



For live courses and mentoring sessions, the recording is usually available within a few days of the live session. It will remain accessible to participants for 30 days.


Meeting Links

If there is a live meeting, the link will be sent to attendees about 3 hours before the session. Please make sure your email address is correct, and that you remain subscribed to our emails.