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By participating in this course:
    • I understand that with neurofeedback, temporary side effects and adverse reactions are possible (see below). People living with a history of traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, depression, and/or developmental trauma can be more sensitive and reactive to training. Because of this additional complexity, working with these patients is not recommended for beginning neurofeedback clinicians.
    • I understand and accept full responsibility for the possible risks of neurofeedback.
    • I understand that EEGer is a prescription medical device, cleared by the FDA for general relaxation.
    • I acknowledge that I understand the risks and will follow recommendations, and be open to feedback and guidance. I will begin by training myself, and check in regularly with my mentor with my questions and progress.
        ◦   a. Even if I am a licensed healthcare provider, I will be supervised by a licensed and experienced EEGer neurofeedback clinician. The training kit is licensed for Home Use and therefore will require clinical supervision.
            b. If I intend to practice neurofeedback as a clinician, I will get appropriate training and I will develop a relationship with an EEGer mentor, who can guide me in the clinical process, such as protocol development and the therapeutic/relational component of brain-training.

As part of the learning experience, my participation is voluntary. Although it is intended that neurofeedback training be beneficial and positive, and usually is, since every person is different, temporary, unpleasant, physical, or emotional effects from the training are possible.

By using the resources in the PIN workshop pages, I accept this disclaimer, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless EEG Learn/EEGER and anyone working with these organizations from any and all claims, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses arising from my neurofeedback experience as a result of these workshops.

About side effects and adverse reactions:
Every brain is unique, and different people respond to neurofeedback differently. Like a physical work-out, training your brain takes energy, and you may feel tired afterwards. Other effects that people have shared: feeling anxious, wired, focused, manic, lethargic, sleepless, off-balance, blissful, clear, motivated, or feeling no effect at all.  These effects are generally temporary. Your mentor may have you do a different kind of training to shift into a more stable, regulated state. Having a good relationship with a mentor is key.

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EEGer Introduction To Neurofeedback

In the EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback you will gain important skills in your journey to become a expert EEGer neurofeedback clinician.

Here's what's included

  • Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic: BCIA-approved recorded instructional lectures from Sadar Psychological

  • EEGer Training Kit: equipment for running live neurofeedback sessions.

  • EEGer Online Practicum: hands-on small group instruction and mentoring

This course is a complete introduction.

Comprehensive course information is here.

Description of The Intro Course

Practicing neurofeedback requires equipment. In short, you need a computer (we recommend a laptop that meets certain specifications), an external monitor (optional, but recommended), EEG amplifier, electrodes, security dongle, and some supplies. The training kit will include everything you need excluding the computer and external monitor.

The training kit will allow you to learn the basics of running sessions, and allow training with your clinical mentor. Here is how getting equipment works:  

1. You provide your shipping address, and EEG Store will send you a training kit. Locally, you may also want to get some rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and paper towel or wipes.

2. Ensure you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements, or purchase one that does. The computer needs to have a Windows Operating System and a dedicated graphics card. If you plan to do this professionally, we recommend having a computer specifically for neurofeedback. The software's minimum requirements can be found on the EEG Store website, here. If you have questions about these, EEG Store can help you through this process.
3. Once you have the training kit and computer, you are ready to install the software. You can follow the directions here, or join one of our group sessions for help.
4.  Now you are ready for the first EEGer Online Practicum session, and can run replay sessions to start getting comfortable with the software.Because EEGer is classified as a medical device, your system will be using a limited software license. This type of license requires the involvement of a mentor to set up protocols. Once you have completed the course and successfully run a few sessions with your mentor, we will upgrade your software license to the full version. At this stage, you will have a month to continue learning before you will choose how to proceed with EEGer. This may be beginning a monthly subscription, choosing a payment plan that meets the needs of you and your practice, or returning parts of the training kit if you feel EEGer isn't right for you.