Recording Available In A Few Days

There was a lively lecture and conversation with Sebern Fisher and Ruth Lanius on June 28th, centering around recent research from the lab of Ruth Lanius into the impact of trauma on brain, body, and mind. The session was recorded, and the recording will be made available to all who registered. You can watch the conversation as many times as you like. It will become accessible about July 8, and remain accessible until the beginning of September. If you would like to watch the recording, but are not yet registered, that's fine. If you register now, we will send you notice when the recording is posted.

Join Ruth Lanius & Sebern Fisher in conversation

Recorded Discussion

2 hours


Serving as bridge from Sebern’s recent webinars on developmental trauma and dissociation to Ruth’s upcoming webinar series (presenting her research on the enduring impact of early life trauma on the human brain -- beginning in September), this two-hour live conversation centers on how the traumatized brain gives rise to symptoms such as dissociation, balance problems, somatic disturbances and most profoundly the capacity to have a sense of a self and an other.


The live session was recorded. The recording will be available to registrants about one week after the session. Open to anyone interested, there is no pre-requisite to join this 2 hour conversation except perhaps your curiosity and willingness to learn.



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USD $49

Trauma, Development, and the Brain

The Neuroscience of Trauma and Neglect and the Vital Role of Neurofeedback in Treatment.

Why hear this webinar conversation?

Sebern Fisher discusses why anyone -- not just therapists -- interested in healing from trauma should tune in to hear Ruth Lanius discuss her ground-breaking research.