Join Ruth Lanius & Sebern Fisher in conversation

June 28, 4pm EDT -- 2 hours

 Open to all!

Serving as bridge from Sebern’s recent webinars on developmental trauma and dissociation to Ruth’s upcoming webinar series (presenting her research on the enduring impact of early life trauma on the human brain -- beginning July 15th), this two-hour live conversation will focus on how the traumatized brain gives rise to symptoms such as dissociation, balance problems, somatic disturbances and most profoundly the capacity to have a sense of a self and an other.


This live session will be recorded. Recording will be available to registrants about one week after the session. Open to anyone interested, there is no pre-requisite to join this 2 hour conversation except perhaps your curiosity and willingness to participate in a lively Q and A.

No CEs

Conversation starts (depending on where you are): 4pm EDT (6/28) / 10pm CEST (6/28) / 10 pm SAST (6/28) / 6am AEST (6/29)

Session will be recorded, available one wne week after discussion.

USD $75

Trauma, Development, and the Brain

The Neuroscience of Trauma and Neglect and the Vital Role of Neurofeedback in Treatment.