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We are therapists, practitioners, teachers, and students. We provide accessible in-person & online training, webinars, and resources for neurofeedback, healing,
and the brain.

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If you missed the first sessions, you can still register and catch up by watching the recordings!

Featured Webinars

Join these live and recorded sessions to gain the insight you need to take your therapy practice to the next level.

Attuned Mentoring Consultation


8 weeks of Live Mentoring

Live mentoring PLUS pivotal recordings!

Through 12 hours of weekly case consultations and discussion, strengthen your foundation of neurofeedback skills along with the integration and advancement of your therapeutic skills .

Six Live Sessions

Trauma, Development, and Neuroplasticity


6 Recorded Sessions

Explore the critical brain systems impacted by trauma, how to reduce trauma-related symptoms, and restore function.

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Trauma, Balance, and Recovery


4 Recorded Sessions

Drawing on research and clinical practice with the vestibular/balance and cerebellar systems, Dr Ruth Lanius illuminates effective treatment approaches, with new evidence for brain-training and other bottom-up therapeutic modalities.

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Trauma and the Fear-Driven Brain


6 Hours Recorded

Learn to integrate neurofeedback and therapy to transform terror into calm in survivors of developmental trauma.

Intensive six hour recorded course.

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Understanding The EEG


6 Sessions illuminating the EEG

DSM is insufficient for clinical success. Understanding the electrophysiological function of the brain can provide critical insights. In these 6 recorded sessions, learn EEG and medication effects, epileptiform EEG, the endophenotype model,  and more!

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Developmental Trauma Course, Parts 1 & 2


16 sessions + Bonus Q&A

in this ground-breaking recorded course by author and pioneer Sebern Fisher, learn to overcome the aftermath of developmental trauma with an approach integrating psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and trauma-informed body work.

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Even More Courses!

Free Roundtable on Clinical Neurofeedback

Every Second Wednesday of the Month!
2:10pm - 3pm ET

Join this free roundtable discussion with two EEGer mentors, clinicians who have been successfully doing neurofeedback with clients for years, and yet still remember what it was like starting out.

Learning how to do neurofeedback training can be both exciting and humbling.  There is so much to learn!  These conversations will help normalize your journey and help build your confidence and skills.

Next Session: October 11

What Can You Learn?

Help people thrive in an uncertain world.

Neurofeedback Skills

Ongoing learning is an essential part of a growing neurotherapy practice. Beginners and experienced clinicians alike will benefit from these perspectives and fresh approaches to helping your clients achieve successful outcomes.

Therapy & Neuroscience

To help patients live their fullest lives, clinicians are seeking a new understanding of the healing process. With the stunning pace of neuroscientific discoveries, professionals can now unlock the power of the brain as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Learn from the leading lights of the field. Experienced clinicians realize that the best questions are often less "how do I do this?" and more "how do I think about this?" These experts can help you develop confidence and mastery in the challenging world of brain networks and therapy.

Our Mission

EEG Learn is the educational evolution of EEG Education and Research (EEGER). We offer affordable online and in-person training, webinars, and resources for therapists, mental healthcare professionals, and the public. Our mission is to illuminate practical, evidence-based practice in neurofeedback, neuroscience, and therapy. With decades of experience, our instructors are knowledgeable, accessible, and engaging. Through courses, rooted in research, that emphasize discussion and discovery in the learning process, we aim to support and strengthen this community, and help everyone to thrive in their everyday lives.
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EEG Education & Research, Inc. (EEGER) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. EEGER maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

EEG Education & Research, Inc. (EEGER) is approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. EEGER is solely responsible for all aspects of       the programs.


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