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EEG Learn

EEG Learn provides online resources about therapy and health.

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Featured Webinars

Join these live and recorded sessions to gain the insight you need to take your therapy practice to the next level.

Developmental Trauma Course


8 sessions x 2 -- Join Now

Explore an integrated therapeutic approach using trauma-informed psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and trauma-informed body work to deeply address the terrible aftermath of developmental trauma. Recorded webinar lecture series with author and pioneer Sebern Fisher.

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Trauma and the Fear-Driven Brain


September 25 & 26

Foremost global trauma expert Sebern Fisher in two half-days shows how -- by an Integration of neurofeedback and psychotherapy -- it is possible  to calm the fear-driven brain in the treatment of developmental trauma.

Organized in partnership with Neurofeedback i(n) Stockholm.


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Understanding The EEG


6 Sessions illuminating the EEG

DSM is insufficient for clinical success. Understanding the electrophysiological function of the brain can provide critical insights

In these six sessions:

  • EEG and medication effects
  • Epileptiform EEG
  • The endophenotype model

... and more!

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Enhanced Beginner Skills


8 Sessions

Designed for anyone who already attended the 4-Day Introductory Course, this 8-session class will strengthen your understanding of the neurofeedback process. From assessment and first client discussions, to setting protocols, learning to master the EEG, and effective coaching strategies, Dr. Mary Ammerman will help you develop confidence.

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Finding The Path Summer/Fall A


6 sessions

Given the overwhelming impact of neglect and abuse on the developing brain, it can feel daunting to train people with developmental trauma. I am increasingly convinced, however, that those who have suffered these histories cannot thrive without help in lowering arousal and regulating their brains. So it is up to us to find the path.

Through cases brought by participants, we will look at assessment, protocols, and integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy.

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Navigating The EEGer Wave Screen


60 minute recorded video

In this recorded 60-minute session, Dr. Michelle Presniak does a deep dive into the EEGer therapist wave screen, and explains the basic EEGer functionality, as well as how what you are seeing in the EEG data may relate to your client symptoms.

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What Can You Learn?

Help people thrive in an uncertain world.

Neurofeedback Skills

Ongoing learning is an essential part of a growing neurotherapy practice. Beginners and experienced clinicians alike will benefit from these perspectives and fresh approaches to helping your clients achieve successful outcomes.

Therapy & Neuroscience

To help patients live their fullest lives, clinicians are seeking a new understanding of the healing process. With the stunning pace of neuroscientific discoveries, professionals can now unlock the power of the brain as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Learn from the leading lights of the field. Experienced clinicians realize that the best questions are often less "how do I do this?" and more "how do I think about this?" These experts can help you develop confidence and mastery in the challenging world of brain networks and therapy.

Skills You Need

The world needs healing. At EEG Learn discover the proven therapies and cutting-edge neuroscience. With these resources, you can both grow your practice and help your clients to recover and thrive.


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