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Healing And The Brain

Resources & training from leading therapists and researchers

Assessing Assessment

How neuroscience research is transforming clinical assessment, with Dr Clair L. Goldberg

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Trauma and the Fear-Driven Brain:

How neurofeedback and therapy can transform terror into calm in survivors of developmental trauma.

In this six-hour recorded webinar, foremost global trauma therapist, author, speaker, and mentor Sebern Fisher teaches how --  by integrating neurofeedback and psychotherapy -- to calm the fear-driven brain in the treatment of developmental trauma.

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Trauma, Development, and Neuroplasticty wih Dr Ruth Lanius

Six-part recorded webinar series explores critical brain systems affected by trauma and how altered functioning of each brain system can be associated with trauma-related symptoms. The effects of a variety of present- and past centered therapies, including mindfulness training, body-oriented approaches, neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, brain stimulation, EMDR, CBT/prolonged exposure, will be then be discussed to illustrate how trauma treatment can lead to the restoration of critical brain networks and contribute to the healing from traumatic stress.

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The Brain, Inflammation, & Recovery In the time of COVID

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Emerging research shows that how safe we feel in the world has a profound impact on our mental, physical, and immune health. The pandemic is bringing on a mental health crisis of epic proportions. In this series of four lectures, learn the emerging scientific understanding on the biophysical link between trauma, inflammation, and mental health, and how this understanding is critical for addressing the crisis.

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