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Neurofeedback & DBR in Trauma Treatment

with Sebern Fisher, MA, LMH, BCN

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As clinicians we are increasingly faced with serious mental illness.


Most of this dysfunction has its roots in neglect, parental absence, and/or abuse in early childhood. Recent research also suggests the primacy of broken or unavailable attachment in the development of the most dreaded condition of all, Borderline Personality Disorder. This presentation will offer an overview of the reactive brainstem, the area of the brain most disrupted. We will look at “Borderline Personality” as an affect regulation problem that we can address with neurofeedback. And finally, we will conduct a brief overview of a relatively new therapeutic approach that targets the brainstem, Deep Brain Reorienting, developed by Frank Corrigan, MD.



What you can expect.

How to:

  • Identify that fear circuitry begins in the brainstem
  • Identify the core issue in developmental trauma as attachment failure or rupture
  • Explain the attachment pattern that predicts “Borderline Personality”
  • Utilize neurofeedback protocols that focus on the back of the brain
  • Begin to explore Deep Brain Reorienting as a therapy synergistic with neurofeedback
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If you are eager to learn how Deep Brain Reorienting and Neurofeedback combined can provide transformative healing, then you will benefit from this webinar. Though neurofeedback is discussed there is no requirement to be trained in neurofeedback to enroll.

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Originally recorded on Sept 08, 2023

Eligible for 1.5 CEs

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"The joy of being part of the EEGer community comes from the friendliness you meet, from the EEGer team and all joining the exclusive webinars with experienced and highly professional neurofeedback therapists and also meeting all the other people who join the webinars. EEGer also offers webinars with professionals from various fields such as neuroscientists, attachment-focused therapists, art therapy and much more. For me, the mentorship with Sebern Fisher is invaluable, it is a forum to learn how trauma and neurofeedback works."

Anna Hallberg, Psychologist
Stockholm, Sweden

"I first got trained in Neurofeedback in 2009. I was so excited. I couldn't stop telling people this is the steepest learning curve ever. Seasoned in psychotherapy but not tech or neuroscience it is a lifelong journey of discovery. And the field is so vital and never stops growing. We are blessed with brilliant, creative and generous minds and hearts in our community. A recent opportunity to see people in person again reminded me how much I miss that. I am infinitely grateful to Lars and the EEGLearn staff for midwifing me through the isolation of the Pandemic, first with Grateful Ed's Gospel Hour, and then an ongoing series of great learning opportunities. I am honored to participate. Thanks Lars and all of you!"

Ruth Cohn, MFT, CST, BCN
San Francisco, CA, USA


Sebern Fisher, MA, LMH, BCN, has been integrating neurofeedback and psychotherapy into the treatment of those with developmental trauma for the last twenty years. She was the clinical director of a residential treatment facility for severely disturbed adolescents for 17 years. During her tenure she introduced attachment theory and dialectical behavior therapy to the milieu. She is presently in private practice where she provides neurofeedback, psychotherapy and consultation. She trains nationally and internationally.

Sebern Fisher is the author of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-driven Brain (Norton 2014).