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Finding The Path

 This mentoring semester is currently underway. The sessions are recorded, so you could catch up if you like.

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"Given the overwhelming impact of neglect and abuse on the developing brain, it can feel daunting to train people with developmental trauma. I am increasingly convinced, however, that those who have suffered these histories cannot thrive without help in lowering arousal and regulating their brains. So it is up to us to find the path.

Through cases brought by participants, we will look at assessment, protocols, and integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy.

Conversations could range further into subjects such as the epigenetics of trauma, pattern recognition and repetition compulsion, trauma fields and trauma identity, the disgrace and distraction of the DSM, laterality and the sense of self and other topics as they arise from case discussion."

- Sebern


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Depending on which semester you join, mentoring sessions begin either Sunday/Monday or Wednesday.

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