Online Group Mentoring
Online Group Mentoring

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Finding the Path

Group Mentoring with Sebern Fisher

"Given the overwhelming impact of neglect and abuse on the developing brain, it can feel daunting to train people with developmental trauma. I am increasingly convinced, however, that those who have suffered these histories cannot thrive without help in lowering arousal and regulating their brains. So it is up to us to find the path."
      —Sebern Fisher
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Learn in Conversation With Sebern Fisher & Experienced Clinicians

Finding the Path is a comfortable way for clinicians and therapists to connect with the community whether you have been practicing for years or are just beginning your exploration into powerful brain-based modalities. Insightful conversations are facilitated by Sebern Fisher based on the questions, ideas, and experiences brought by attendees. It is a space where everyone is welcome, encouraged, and equal in a journey of understanding and growth.

"Through cases brought by participants, we will look at assessment, protocols, and integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy.
Conversations could range further into subjects such as the epigenetics of trauma, pattern recognition and repetition compulsion, trauma fields and trauma identity, the disgrace and distraction of the DSM, laterality and the sense of self and other topics as they arise from case discussion."
—Sebern Fisher

Upcoming Session Dates

Join Sebern Fisher for our Early Summer 2024 series of Finding the Path!

May 8, 15, 22, 29, and June 5, 12

Six One-Hour Online Mentoring Sessions | 1pm to 2pm Eastern

Why Finding the Path?

  • Share questions and exchange ideas about your unique cases.
  • Get advice and suggestions from a Sebern and experienced clinicians.
  • Explore new therapy techniques, modalities, and protocols.
  • Learn how other clinicians approach and understand their cases.
  • Review recordings of each session to catch what you missed.
  • Members of EEGer's Alliance Program  & Returning Attendees receive discounts toward future Finding the Path groups.
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Please note that these sessions are group mentoring, not a course with prepared material and content. Topics will vary week-to-week depending on attendee engagement. As such, we are unable to offer Continuing Education (CE) credits for this program.