Enhanced Beginner Skills Course

This eight-week online webinar course will hone your skills in neurofeedback. Each lecture begins at 12pm EDT, lasts for about an hour, and is followed by live Q&A. See full schedule below. All the lectures are recorded, so if you would like the information and aren't seeking the CEs, you can still join.


Enhanced Beginner Skills

After taking this eight-week online course, with instructor Dr. Mary Ammerman, PsyD, BCN, you will bring increased understanding and confidence to your neurofeedback practice.


Learn The Skills

Register for Dr. Mary Ammerman's exceptional course about the basics of neurofeedback.

Eight lectures + Q & A

Enhanced Beginner Skills

Each recorded weekly lecture will be followed by live Q&A. Review the recorded course content as much as you like.

Schedule of weekly workshop sessions, which consist of recorded lectures followed by live Q & A discussions. Allow about 90 minutes per session.

Monday, Oct 19, 12pm EDT
Monday, Oct 26, 12pm EDT
Monday, Nov 2, 12pm EST
Monday, Nov 9, 12pm EST
Monday, Nov 16, 12pm EST
Monday, Nov 23, 12pm EST
Monday, Nov 30, 12pm EST
Monday, Dec 7, 12pm EST

Assessment Skills

You will be able to describe common EEG patterns associated with underarousal and overarousal symptoms, and comfortably discuss neurofeedback with clients.

Confidence with neurofeedback software.

You will identify and use efficiently the features, keys, and functions of the EEGer therapist screen.

Confidence with clients.

You'll feel strong making decisions on the fly about protocols, thresholds, frequency, time.

Enhanced Beginner Skills Course

Your neurofeedback practice -- and the clients you serve -- will greatly benefit from the perspective you'll gain.

Don't miss this chance to bring mastery to your practice.


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