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Summer B: Finding The Path

This registration is for the series of sessions beginning April 26/27, with live sessions happening at 6:30pm EST Sunday and 8:30am AEDT Monday. For timezone details please see the schedule. Each semester consists of six (6) live group online mentoring sessions.These sessions are recorded and available for you to review for a month after they are posted (typically a week after the live session). The format of the mentoring sessions is usually that clinicians share a case they would like to discuss. As the group size is small, there is time for everyone to share. You are encouraged to bring your questions, your case histories, your thoughts, and your ideas about trauma, therapy, and neurofeedback.   Given the overwhelming impact of neglect and abuse on the developing brain it can feel daunting to train people with developmental trauma. I am increasingly convinced, however, that those who have suffered these histories cannot thrive without help in lowering arousal and regulating their brains. So it is up to us to find the path.Through cases brought by participants, we will look at assessment, protocols, and integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy. Conversations could range further into subjects such as the epigenetics of trauma, pattern recognition and repetition compulsion, trauma fields and trauma identity, the disgrace and distraction of the DSM, laterality and the sense of self and other topics as they arise from case discussion.

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