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Empowered by neuroscience, therapy, and technology, a new world awaits.

EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback Course

Learn neurofeedback online with experienced EEGer mentors in our comprehensive certification and training course. Practice the skills, learn the therapeutic methods, and understand the power and versatility of EEG biofeedback.

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Why Neurofeedback?

The experience of skilled neurofeedback therapists over decades shows that lasting, transformative outcomes are possible using this non-invasive, pain-free, non-pharmaceutical modality. To achieve the best results, this community has developed an approach that draws on emerging neuroscience, practical experience, and the therapeutic process. As a growing research evidence base supports this approach to changing lives, people who train, who do neurofeedback, report less reactivity and fear, greater calm, improved perspectives, and overall enhanced mental function.

← In this video, Dr. Mary Ammerman, psychologist and EEGer clinician, discusses the transformative power of neurofeedback.

Why EEGer?

EEGer Neurofeedback Software has evolved with the guidance of the experienced neurofeedback clinician community. With careful attention to what works in the therapeutic process of empowering clients, it is easy-to-use, stable, versatile, and powerful. Making very few assumptions about the goals of brain-training, EEGer enables the therapist to fine-tune the training in ways that few other systems permit.

A lively community of mental health professionals uses EEGer, sharing insight, strategies, ideas, and supporting one another. As the organization supporting the community and developing the software, our goal is actually very simple: we work to help cultivate global cultures of healing. We are grateful that we have this opportunity to directly support those who are empowering people to better regulate themselves. Changing the world, one brain at a time.

In this video, author and trauma therapist Sebern Fisher, and clinician and teacher Dr. Ed Hamlin discuss the community and software around EEGer →


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