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March 03 | March 10 | March 17 | March24

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EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback Course (EIN)

Learn Neurofeedback Online with Experienced EEGer Mentors

Begin practicing the skills, therapeutic methods, and understanding the power and versatility of EEG biofeedback. This will transform your mental health practice.


Overview of Online EIN Course

This is our complete introductory package, and includes the three core components you need to get started in clinical neurofeedback. This section is a brief overview of what's included. For more detailed descriptions, and frequently asked questions, see below.

  • Who EIN is for

This course is only open to Licensed Clinicians, Graduate Students on track to become Licensed Clinicians, and those training to become EEG Technicians working under the supervision of a Licensed Clinician. This course is not appropriate for Home-Users or patients receiving neurofeedback treatment. For more information on why, visit our Frequently Asked Questions further down the page.

  • EEGer Training Kit (ETK)

You will need to provide a computer that meets minimum requirements. And we will provide all the EEG equipment you'll need.  Installation & configuration help appointments will be available once you sign the rental agreement and your equipment has shipped.

  • Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic (IND) 

You will have access to 36 hours of self-paced, BCIA-approved instructional lectures to learn the foundational elements of EEG biofeedback.

  • EEGer Online Practicum (EOP) Live Webinar: March 03, 10, 17, 24 of 2023

You'll attend 4 hands-on instructional webinars (12 hours total), led by Leanne Hershkowitz and Anna Morrell, to learn how to apply sensors, placements, and and how to use the software. In these sessions you will also participate in small group mentoring sessions, where an experienced clinician will guide you in the practical and therapeutic skills of neurofeedback with an EEGer system.


If you have an EEGer system already, or have already taken the BCIA-approved Introductory course, there are packages to accommodate you. Please see below for more details about these options.


Practicing neurofeedback requires some specialized equipment. Our training kit will include everything you need to setup and conduct neurofeedback trainings. You, however, will need to supply a computer with certain minimum requirements and we also highly recommend acquiring a second monitor. See below for details.

EEGer Training Kit (ETK)

  • EEGer4 software enable for live sessions with USB security key.
  • High-quality two-channel EEG amplifier.
  • Two-Channel set of non-disposable silver electrode sensors (2 flats, 2 earclips)
  • Ten20 conductive paste and NuPrep skin prep gel samples 

You provide

  • Desktop/Laptop that meets these minimum requirements.
  • Second monitor (recommended/optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Wipes or paper towel
How our EIN bundle purchase process works:
  1. Once you've decided on the appropriate bundle (each is detailed below), clicking the registration button will take you to the rental agreement. When you've reviewed and signed the rental agreement, the submit button will take you to the appropriate checkout page where you may confirm and complete your purchase. If you decide to change your bundle choice or not make a purchase at all before completing your purchase, the agreement will automatically void.
  2. Our sales team will confirm your purchase, begin putting your training kit together, and notify you when it is on its way. In the meantime, you can double check to ensure your computer meets these minimum requirements for our software. We also recommend acquiring a second monitor, but it is not required. If you have any questions about your computer set up, you can contact EEGer Store support at [email protected].
  3. For our software we have a self-install option as well as a guided installation option. When your training kit is shipped, our tech support team will reach out to you to schedule a group or individual installation session. Whichever method you prefer we got you covered.
  4. Don't forget the rubbing alcohol, cotton balls/pads, and wipes!  

Because EEGer is classified as a medical device, your system will be using a limited software license. This type of license requires the involvement of a mentor to set up protocols. Once you have completed the course and successfully run a few sessions with your mentor, we will upgrade your software license to the full version. At this stage, you will have a month to continue learning before you will choose how to proceed with EEGer. This may be beginning a monthly subscription, choosing a payment plan that meets the needs of you and your practice, or returning parts of the training kit if you feel EEGer isn't right for you.

Have EEGer Already

(NO Training Kit)

Must have equipment already. Just need the Introduction and Practical Instruction.

  • EEGer Online Practicum (EOP) -- with hands-on learning & live mentoring.
  •  Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic (IND) BCIA-approved instructional lectures.

EIN Course & Equipment Premium Bundle

Includes everything in regular bundle, plus special extras

  • Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic (IND) 36 hours of BCIA-approved self-paced instructional lectures.


  • The EEGer Training Kit (ETK) -- EEG equipment with group installation and configuration help.


  • The EEGer Online Practicum (EOP) -- 12 hours of hands-on small group learning & live mentoring + 2 individual mentoring sessions.


Plus! Extra electrodes, conductive gel & paste, personalized tech help, and a bonus Ardea neurofeedback game.

EIN Course & Equipment Regular Bundle

Didactic Lectures, Training Kit, and Online Practicum


  • Introduction to Neurofeedback Didactic (IND) 36 hours of BCIA-approved self-paced instructional lectures.



  • The EEGer Training Kit (ETK) -- EEG equipment with group installation and configuration help.



  • The EEGer Online Practicum (EOP) -- 12 hours of hands-on small group learning & live mentoring + 2 individual mentoring sessions.

Have Taken Intro Course Already

NO Intro Didactic)

You must have already taken the Intro Course (and can show documentation). Just need equipment and practical instruction.

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If you have questions about the course, email us at [email protected]