EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback

Comprehensive Online Training & Certification | 36-Hour Lecture & 16-Hour Hands-On

Learn the fundamentals of neurofeedback, develop therapeutic skills and methods through guided practicum, and receive ongoing support and guidance to find success with neurofeedback.

Facilitated by Experienced Neurofeedback Mentors, Teachers, & Practitioners

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This course prepares you to use neurofeedback in a clinical capacity through comprehensive didactic, practicum, & individual and group mentoring.

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What to Expect From This Course

Build Foundations: You'll receive access to a 36-hour didactic course on the foundational models and approaches of neurofeedback, how it works, and how it's used in a clinical capacity.

Practice Live Neurofeedback: We'll ship you a training bundle and you will join live guided practicum sessions to self-train with neurofeedback and run real evaluations and sessions under clinical guidance.

Apply What You Learn: Over several weeks, you'll work with other participants and neurofeedback mentors to apply what you've learned through additional hands-on experience and case consultations.

A Pathway for Success: You'll have support after training as you continue exploring neurofeedback. Learn therapeutic skills, ask questions, and be supported while learning this modality.

EEGer Online Practicum Course Schedule

After completing the 36-hour self-paced didactic portion, participants will participate in four live practicum sessions. 

Week 1

September 6th, 2024

Participants will become familiar with using and navigating a neurofeedback system by using the software and equipment to setup and perform a comprehensive initial evaluation on a willing friend, colleague, family member, or themselves.

Week 2

September 13th, 2024

Participants will learn in more detail how to place electrodes on the scalp and to create a session plan based on an initial evaluation. Participants will run their first live neurofeedback session with guidance and support from trained instructors.

Week 3

September 20th, 2024

Participants will reflect on their first session and use client feedback and recorded session data to inform adjustments to the training plan created during Week 2. After adjusting the training plan, another guided live session will be performed.

Week 4

September 27th, 2024

Participants will explore further methods for reviewing and interpreting session data, including strategies to improve training outcomes by modeling an attuned client-focused and results-based approach to neurofeedback training.

Beginner's Consultation Group

Eight Weekly Sessions | Wednesdays, Oct 9th - Nov. 18th, Dec. 4th

You'll join an eight-week mentoring group to apply apply what you've learned. Participants will have the opportunity to present their own neurofeedback case consultations and receive feedback and guidance from experienced clinicians.

'Button-ology' Workshops

Five Weekly Sessions | Fridays, Oct. 4th - Nov. 1st

Following the online practicum and alongside the consultation group, participants are invited to join free weekly meetings to ask clinical and technical questions, share results, and continue their growth beyond training. 

Meet Your Success Team

Learning and practicing neurofeedback are only one part of this course; it's designed to connect you with a support structure of trained instructors, mentors, and professionals dedicated to helping clinicians find success with the modality. Whether you already have some experience with neurofeedback, are starting completely new, or are joining to expand your professional skillset, we're excited for you to join us!

Leanne Hershkowitz

Lead Instructor & Mentor

Leanne Hershkowitz is a licensed professional counselor in New Jersey specializing in the integration of counseling and clinical neurofeedback (a brain-based biofeedback approach to calming the fear-driven brain) for trauma including complex/developmental and adoption. She is also trained in internal family systems, canine-assisted therapy, EMDR, and attachment-based counseling approaches.

Anna Morrell

Lead Instructor & Mentor

In 2010, Anna was introduced to Neurofeedback and has since been dedicated to this as the foundational approach. She specializes in work with children, adolescents, and caregivers, incorporating Neurofeedback, Art Therapy, and Sensory Modulation into clinical sessions with those impacted by developmental trauma and neurodiversity. 

Neurofeedback Mentoring

Participants will learn and connect with neurofeedback practitioners through individual and group mentoring sessions.

Support & Guidance Teams

EEGer has dedicated staff helping participants get the information and assistance they need throughout (and beyond) their training.

The EEGer Community

You're joining an active community of clinicians who have found success with neurofeedback, many of whom started with this same course!

What Can I Expect From EEGer’s Introductory Course?

Leanne Herskowitz and Anna Morrell share what to expect from the introductory course. They share about the training format, the different parts of training that create a well-rounded experience, and how participants are supported throughout the process by EEGer & trained instructors and mentors.


Participants who complete this course can earn a total of 48 Continuing Education (CE) credit hours for their participation.

36 hours of self-paced, BCIA-approved instructional lectures.

Four live hands-on practicum sessions with training and instruction.

Small group & individual mentoring with experienced neurofeedback providers.

EEG Education & Research, Inc. (EEGER) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. EEGER maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For full information on Learning Objectives & what to expect from the course, please contact us.

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Standard Bundle | 2-Channel
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The essentials to get started; a two-channel equipment bundle with access to didactic training, live practicum instruction, and ongoing mentoring.

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A two-channel equipment bundle with access to didactic training, live practicum instruction, ongoing mentoring, and extra accessories & your choice of extra game.

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Clinical Pathway Bundle | 4-Channel
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A four-channel equipment bundle with access to didactic training, live practicum instruction, ongoing mentoring, and extra accessories & your choice of extra game.

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Why Choose EEGer?

As the organization supporting the community and working closely with the development of the EEGer4 software, our goal is actually very simple: we work to help cultivate global cultures of healing. We are grateful that we have this opportunity to directly support those who are empowering people to better regulate and understand themselves and their communities.

The EEGer4 software has evolved with the guidance of the community as a first priority. With careful attention to what works in the therapeutic process of empowering clients, it is easy-to-use, stable, versatile, and powerful. Making very few assumptions about the goals of brain-training, EEGer4 enables the therapist to fine-tune the training in ways that few other systems permit.

A lively community of mental health professionals is why EEGer is the way that it is. Sharing insight, therapeutic skills and techniques, mutual support, and coregulation are what you can expect. Despite EEGer's successes and impact it has on the lives of many clinicians and their clients, we're still a small family business. When you reach out to us for help or with questions, you'll be working with a real person who has been dedicated to this work for many years. You'll come to recognize the faces you see in webinars and the names getting back to you by email.

In this video, author and trauma therapist Sebern Fisher, and clinician and teacher Dr. Ed Hamlin discuss the community and software that make EEGer.... well, EEGer! →

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Demystifying Neurofeedback with Leigh Povia

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