Introducing a New Paradigm.

Attuned Psychoeducation Course

Optimizing Outcomes in the Neurofeedback Journey
with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN

On-demand Webinar

Eligible for 2 CE credits

What it's all about.


The use of Attuned Psychoeducation is essential as we invite our clients into the new and often unfamiliar paradigm of EEG Biofeedback. From the moment of introducing clients to neurofeedback until helping them integrate outcomes as they end their course of training, we are the mirror that observes, reflects and communicates the totality of the neurofeedback experience.



With the myriad of tasks clinicians attend to, including introducing how neurofeedback works, teaching arousal during the assessment process, and increasing the therapeutic alliance through the use of reporting skills, a simple, client-centered way of communicating is needed to support each client’s fullest participation in the neurofeedback process.



Join us in focusing on this simple, accessible way of guiding clients through the rich and sometimes complex process of neurofeedback training. 


This webinar is appropriate for neurofeedback clinicians using any type of neurofeedback system. It is also of use to clients engaging in the neurofeedback process and anyone interested in learning more about regulating the nervous system through the use of neurofeedback. Slides of the webinar presentation are available to registered participants.


Ellen Shaw-Smith


Learning Objectives
  • Understand what Attuned Psychoeducation is and why it is fundamental to safe and effective neurofeedback training.

  • Identify four areas of the neurofeedback process where Attuned Psychoeducation is central to positive outcomes.
  • Increase your ability to communicate complex information about the brain and nervous system in accessible language and images that clients can relate to and remember.

  • Hone your ability to complete the neurofeedback assessment while teaching clients about the arousal model and building an alliance of shared curiosity.
  • Sharpen your ability to obtain relevant, accurate information from clients on the effects of their neurofeedback sessions.

  • Build your ability to use Attuned Psychoeducation to help clients clarify and integrate changes they experience within the neurofeedback process.


 Optimize your outcomes in your neurofeedback journey.


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