EEGer Home Use Certification Course for Providers

with Leanne Hershkowitz


This course is a practical introduction to all the things you need to know to successfully provide home-use neurofeedback with your clients. The course includes how-to technology videos and articles, forms for clinicians and clients, including an informed consent form. Of the utmost importance, attendees will also learn of the legal and ethical considerations of Home Use for mental health professionals.

Licensed mental health clinicians already using EEGer in their practice stand to gain the most out of the course, though this course will be valuable for any provider who currently uses neurofeedback and is looking to expand into home use with new and current clients. This course is not appropriate for home use clients/patients. Join us and expand the reach of your practice and the benefits of neurofeedback to your community!

Designed for Neurofeedback providers especially those licensed in mental health fields.

This course entitles you to 3 CE Credit Hours.

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Presented By

Leanne Hershkowitz

Leanne Hershkowitz, M.A./Ed.S, LPC is a licensed professional counselor in NJ specializing in the integration of counseling and clinical neurofeedback (a brain-based biofeedback approach to calming the fear driven brain) for trauma including complex/developmental and adoption. She is also trained in internal family systems, canine assisted therapy, EMDR, attachment-based counseling approaches as well.