Introduction To Neurofeedback Protocols


One two-hour session
This is a Recorded Course.

This webinar course will give new and experienced practitioners a structure to help them arrive at the most appropriate neurofeedback protocols for the wide variety of issues and presentations we see in our clients.

We do this by first looking at our client’s presenting issues and seeing how they cluster within one or more areas of concern, each with its own set of neurofeedback protocols.

We then prioritize which areas need to be addressed initially, which can wait, and which protocols might be most helpful.

We will discuss issues that will affect the way we train, regardless of other symptoms. There are certain symptom clusters that will always override other concerns.

Participants will learn how to integrate these concerns into a coherent neurofeedback strategy.

This course qualifies you for 2 CE Credit Hours.

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Dr. Moshe Perl is a world-class expert in neurofeedback and QEEG/EEG analysis, areas in which he has almost two-decades of experience teaching and mentoring practitioners in Australia and internationally.

He has successfully treated well over a thousand patients and has seen first-hand the amazing impact neurofeedback can have. Additionally, he has mentored over 100 practitioners in the field and reviewed thousands of cases inside of learning environments that develop and up-skill neurofeedback practitioners.

Dr. Perl has studied with many of the recognised world-leading experts in neurofeedback and QEEG/EEG analysis, distilled their knowledge and has become a recognised leader in the industry. He applies his knowledge in clinical practice as well as in his teachings. A hallmark of Moshe’s teaching style is that he makes difficult concepts accessible and understandable for students at any level of skill or knowledge. He consistently receives excellent feedback for his courses, both on and offline.