Navigating The EEGer Screen In Session

If there are parts of the EEGer neurofeedback screen that you do not quite understand, this one-hour course is for you. Becoming a skilled neurofeedback clinician, it can feel like there is a mountain of knowledge and data to understand.

In this one 60-minute session, Dr. Presniak does a deep dive into the EEGer therapist wave screen, and explains the basic EEGer functionality, as well as how what you are seeing in the EEG data may relate to your client symptoms. You'll learn how to make adjustments during and between sessions, tips to know if you are on the right protocol, and how you can use the EEG data to understand your client more deeply. Dr. Presniak also provides examples of how you can use this information to facilitate your client’s neurofeedback training and therapeutic success.

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Dr. Michelle Presniak

Dr. Presniak graduated with her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2009 and has 10 years of experience supervising therapists. The populations she supervises are individuals, across the child, adolescent and adult ages.
The supervision model she uses is developmental in nature, meaning she sees each supervisee as growing and developing and works to help them reach their clinical goals, maximize strengths, grow areas of weaknesses, and develop confidence and autonomy in their practice. Dr. Presniak has worked for 10 years in the areas of trauma (police, military), rehabilitation (workplace injury), health (chronic illness), eating disorders and personality disorders. She believes all therapy models have a common goal of helping an individual reach emotional awareness and health.

Although trained in specific modalities, such as trauma focused therapies (prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy), schema therapy, emotion focused therapy, interpersonal, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioural, she finds a strong therapist is able to develop a conceptualization of their clients and choose treatment modalities and methods that are a correct fit.