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The Developmental Trauma of Neglect: Working With the Dysregulation of Early Attachment Wounds

Ruth Cohn on the subject of the course
Interview with Ruth Cohn & Lars Vala

Childhood neglect is slowly becoming understood as one of the most seriously devastating forms of trauma. Tragically, this population has been sorely neglected by the psychotherapy field at large. Because it is about missing experiences it is more difficult to recognize and treat, and clients themselves often don’t understand, or minimize, what is “wrong.”

Mirroring the trajectory of Ruth Cohn's study of neglect, beginning with observations, patterns, and hypotheses over many years, this four session course will include case illustrations, and explore the despair, “failure,” and disillusionment with prior therapies.

Participants will focus on neuroscience and knowledge about brain mechanisms, as well as the importance of neurofeedback to treatment and therapy.

The fourth session will be a discussion with experts Sebern Fisher and Ruth Lanius about neuroscience and neurofeedback, including their responses and corroboration (or not) of hypotheses & protocols. And of course, attendee questions and observations will be welcome.

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"I highly recommend Ruth Cohn's course, it was informative and well thought out with specific case examples. Ruth's willingness to be vulnerable and share the ups and downs of her work with her clients was invaluable."

Chris Wheeler Doe

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Presented By

Ruth Cohn, MFT, CST, BCN

Ruth Cohn, MFT, CST, BCN has been practicing neurofeedback since 2009, with the good fortune of mentoring with Sebern Fisher the entire time. She has studied the dynamics of trauma and neglect, and worked with survivors; their intimate partners and families since 1998. She is also a Certified Sex Therapist, trained and certified in a number of somatic therapies. She s the author of three books: Working with the Developmental Trauma of Child-hood Neglect: Using Psychotherapy and Attachment Theory Techniques in Clinical Practice (Aug 31, 2021;) Coming Home to Passion: Restoring Lov-ing Sexuality in Couples with Histories of Childhood Trauma and Neglect, (Feb 18, 2011;) and Out of My Mind: Late Night Contemplations About Trauma and Neglect, Book 1, Mar 2022, the first volume of a series. She is passionate about the subject.

Sebern Fisher, M.A. LMH, BCN

Sebern Fisher has been integrating neurofeedback and psychotherapy into the treatment of those with developmental trauma for the last twenty years. She was the clinical director of a residential treatment facility for severely disturbed adolescents for 17 years. During her tenure she introduced attachment theory and dialectical behavior therapy to the milieu. She is presently in private practice where she provides neurofeedback, psychotherapy and consultation. She trains nationally and internationally. Sebern is the author of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-driven Brain (Norton 2014).

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD is one of the leading clinical neuroscience researchers in the study of the traumatized brain and one of the few who has focused her research on the importance of neurofeedback in treatment of trauma. She is the co-author of Healing the Traumatized Self: Consciousness; Neuroscience; Treatment written with Paul Frewen, PhD and co-editor of The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease: The Hidden Epidemic, with Eric Vermetten and Clare Pain. She has published over 150 research articles.