Regulating the Developing Brain

Enhancing Clinical Neurofeedback Skills with Children and Adolescents

with Anna Morrell, LCMHC, BCN

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Research is revealing that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted typical routines, rituals, and socialization for all children and has most significantly affected those already suffering developmental impacts. Our children are stressed, dysregulated, and need increasing support to navigate our unpredictable and all too often threatening world. There is a growing body of research demonstrating that neurofeedback regulates affect, executive functioning, and stress management.

This course will focus on skills related to neurofeedback assessment, recognizing EEG patterns, cultivating intention, sensory modulation, and expressive arts psychotherapy in neurofeedback sessions. We will illustrate how this approach works through case vignettes, highlighting how to integrate psychotherapy and neurofeedback within each weekly topic. Topics will include the impact of the pandemic and social isolation, social media, developmental trauma and attachment, and the special issues of transitional aged youth.

In this practical guide to strengthening your neurofeedback skills with children and adolescents, participants will learn techniques based on 12 years of experience and research to help calm the impulsive, wiggly child; engage the eye-rolling, distracted teen; and help these children cultivate healthy, life-long affect regulation.

This course entitles you to 8 CE Credit Hours.

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Anna Morrell, LCMHC, BCN 

From an early age, I recognized the healing qualities of the arts, from expressing thoughts and feeling states to the regulating and grounding characteristics in the act of creation. I pursued a graduate degree in Clinical Art Therapy. In 2010, I was introduced to Neurofeedback and have since been dedicated to this as the foundational approach. The potential of regulation and organization of self is something I have only consistently seen with neurofeedback. I specialize in work with children, adolescents, and caregivers, incorporating Neurofeedback, Art Therapy, and Sensory Modulation into clinical sessions with those impacted by developmental trauma and neurodiversity.

In addition to counseling, I offer mentoring, consultation, and original courses such as Up-Down Regulation, Regulation and the Developing Mind, the EEGer Online Practicum, and I co-facilitate Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice. I hold dual independent mental health counseling licenses in North Carolina and Massachusetts and am Board Certified in Neurofeedback. I am a part of the dynamic team at The Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, NC.