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Shame, Pride, and Relational Trauma

Psychotherapy with Chronic Mind/Body States

Presented By Ken Benau

May 19 | May 26 | June 2 | June 9 | June 16, 2023

12 PM -1 PM Eastern Time

$195 | 5 CE credits

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Chronic shame lies at the heart of most psychological suffering, particularly in survivors of relational trauma (RT), that includes abuse, neglect, and pervasive attachment wounds. While most trauma therapists intuitively know this to be true, they often haven't learned how best to understand traumatic shame nor how to transform these painfully intransigent mind/body states. Pride is hardly discussed at all in the literature, particularly with regard to its beneficial role in psychotherapy with RT survivors. Using verbatim, psychotherapy session transcripts, this course shows therapists how to help RT survivors "go beyond" alleviating shame states and enhancing adaptive pride to more fully embody their aliveness, what I term "pro-being pride", in which their unique ways of being and relating are celebrated within, with others, and in the world.

Learning Objectives

What to expect:

  • Five 1-hour sessions, exploring how to better understand and work integratively with shame and pride in Relational Trauma (RT) survivors
  • Course is designed for psychotherapists and graduate students at all levels (some experience with RT survivors is beneficial)
  • Neurofeedback experience is not required
  • Powerpoint slides and handouts will be made available to participants


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Intro to the Course & Faculty


Research Articles by Dr. Benau

Dr. Ken Benau


Five 1-hour sessions | 12pm - 1pm ET

May 19 | May 26 | June 2 | June 9 | June 16, 2023

Psychotherapeutically transform chronic shame states into adaptive pride and beyond; help relational trauma survivors access embodied states of aliveness where their unique ways of being and relating, their "pro-being pride", are celebrated within themselves, others, and in the world.


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