Conference Resources

Supplies for Feeling Felt In Every Sense (from Benjamin Pandev-Girard)

Participants should print out the [Sensory Mindfulness Worksheet].

Supplies for Getting Our Beat Back (from Dr Amber Elizabeth Gray)

Welcome to all participants for Getting Our Beat Back. In order to fully participate, you are encouraged to bring the following:
1. Something you can shape and sculpt with—clay, Sculpey, play-doh.
2. Pen/pencil/colored pencils, and paper to write with.
3. Dress comfortably for movement (as much or as little as is comfortable for you) and have some space around you, if possible.

Supplies for Expanding The Circle of Capacity (from Dr Cathy Malchiodi)

Participants should print out three copies of the [Sigh Outlines], or at least have three sheets of white copy paper on hand and felt marking pens or any color drawing materials.


Directions for Finding True Rest (from Br Phap Linh)

To prepare for the session, if possible (and only if you are comfortable to do so), lie down, in order to do a deeper body-scan meditation. you may like to prepare a yoga mat and a blanket so as to be more comfortable. 

Supplies for Discovering Healing Pathways (from Dr Elizabeth Warson)

One hand-size stone
Two feathers or nature objects (e.g., leaves, pine cones)
18" x 24" piece of paper or a paper bag cut open
Dinner size plate for tracing
Chalk or oil pastels
Masking or painter's tape
Colored pencils or pens
Scrap paper for writing