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Working with Parts During Uncertain Times

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Learning Objectives

1. Describe the main parts activated by times of stress, uncertainty, and trauma. 

2. Describe the opportunity inherent in uncertain times, suggested by IFS.

3. List the central questions to ask parts to learn their role in protecting the patient.

4. List the eight qualities of self-leadership.

5. Describe what IFS shows can happen for survivors of torture.

Presented By

Dr. Dick Schwartz

Richard Schwartz began his career as a systemic family therapist and an academic. Grounded in systems thinking, Dr. Schwartz developed Internal Family Systems (IFS) in response to clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves. He focused on the relationships among these parts and noticed that there were systemic patterns to the way they were organized across clients. He also found that when the clients’ parts felt safe and were allowed to relax, the clients would experience spontaneously the qualities of confidence, openness, and compassion that Dr. Schwartz came to call the Self. He found that when in that state of Self, clients would know how to heal their parts.

A featured speaker for national professional organizations, Dr. Schwartz has published many books and over fifty articles about IFS.