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Finding True Rest

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Learning Objectives

1. Describe practical methods to deal with overwhelming sensations arising in the body, gradually making the present moment felt-sense experience of feelings in the body a safe place.

2. Describe the layouts of the motor and somatosensory homunculi, and how this knowledge suggests interesting hypotheses for modifying ancient body-scan meditation techniques to improve concentration and increase the likelihood of entering deep relaxation states.

Presented By

Brother Phap Linh

Brother Phap Linh, also known as Brother Spirit, is a musician and seeker. Ordained as a monk in Plum Village in February 2008, as a disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, he has composed many of the community’s most beloved chants.

As a layperson, he studied mathematics at Cambridge, then worked as a composer, chef and maths tutor in London. Now, helping to create a place of refuge for people to learn about mindfulness and community life are his principal sources of joy. He is also pioneering Plum Village’s “yogi and scientist” retreats, exploring how the wisdom of mindfulness and neuroscience can lead to paths of healing.